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Petit Brabancon mono-kennel

The Petit Brabançon, the Griffon Bruxellois and the Griffon Belge belong to Group 9, Section 3 according to the FCI classification.

Griffons have an unique appearance. Like many other dog breeds, it was developed by combining other breeds.

There are several theories of the breed appearance, but the most common is the mixing of bloods of Belgian dogs, known as Griffon d'Ecurie, Black Pug, Affenpinscher, King Charles Spaniel somewhere in mid 1800's. Belgian grooms who conduct these matings didn't keep such records, but Griffons as we know them today, are known from 1870-80's. Each of the breeds used in development of Griffons, provided special traits that create uniqueness of the breed. Affenpinscher and Griffon d'Ecurie provided rough coat, while Pug contributed its black and smooth hair. Legacy of King Charles Spaniel can be seen in bend of the tail. The crossbreeding of the Pug, King Charles Spaniel and Affenpinscher led to the domed head with large expressive eyes, upswept jaw and flat face. Griffon has evolved from battered rat catcher into delightful little friend.

About the breed

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